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Tarquinia: the history of the city and Tarchon, events and tours, map, webcam

Tarchon guess is the hero who founded the city of Tarquinia.Tutti those who have opportunity to visit our city are unlikely to forget it, because on the hill of Civita, Tarchna the ancient city of Tarchon, is buried only a soft layer of golden land under whose mysteries and charms accumulate from millenni.Infatti, if no Etruscan town was born at random and never in any one site, Tarquinia, which was the meeting place of immense spiritual forces, arose in a very special place in , embracing, and flow still inseparably connected with each other, all the energies of earthly, heavenly, and inferi.E only here and nowhere else, the legendary TARCHON hero maximum and primitive was the protagonist of the miracle by which everything was origine.Tarchon irradiated deity, absorbed in every fiber of his revelation of religion and picked it up in the books Tagetici, then traced around the site of the miracle the perimeter of the holy city, the first of all the Etruscan cities, to which he gave his name Tarch -na, a city of Tarch-on, Tarquinia.Tarchon wanted Tarquinia, the city that bore his name, was like a cell of the whole, harmoniously inserted in a comprehensive order, governed and determined by numi.Qui the ground and the divine , the natural and the supernatural, the earth, the sky and Hades, were closely connettersi.La foundation ritual Tarchna-Tarquinia in the place where it was revealed the unifying religion tabetica was an event of major importance because it was born and conformed across the nation etrusca.Perciò Tarchon was considered the founder, not only symbolic of many other city-states who gathered in alloys twelve, like Moses of the Jews to whom God himself had dictated the Decalogue, was honored as the greatest legislator of ancient Italic preromana.Sulla life Tarchon intertwined since ancient times many legends diverse.Si wanted it to be born by Ati, king of Lydia, or by Telephus, son of Hercules, and suckled by a cerva.La mother Tarchon belonged to the royal race of Priam of Troy, was perhaps Hiera holy, more beautiful than Helen and bravest of all the women because they died in dealing with all Achei.La sister, he said, was that Rumlua , the wife of Aeneas in Latium, gave his name to the city of the legendary Tyrsenos Roma.Il brother was so great that the sea is still called the Etruscans, like him, and Tirreno.Tarchon Tyrsenos principles of Lydia passed, like Ulysses, the pitfalls of many storms and landed at the behest of the gods on the west coast of Italy, unopened stillness of a deep sleep and timeless, riversandovi the vital breath of civilization, will set in motion the path of their storia.I men, that only the Romans called the Etruscans, took the name of Tyrsenoi, Tirreni, with whom he was everywhere known, admired and sometimes temuti.In actually the name that the Etruscans gave to themselves was to Rasna or borders.