Arrival Departure


Tarchon Luxury B&B

Address: Giampietri Leoni, 18 cap 01016 - Tarquinia - Italy

infoline: (0039) 3298775520 - (0039) 3290038893


How to get to Tarchon Luxury B&B:
From Rome: A12 motorway (autostrada), exit at Civitavecchia, S.S. Aurelia (Grosseto direction), then exit at Tarquinia, near Coop Supermarket.
From Viterbo:
Tuscanese road (Tuscania direction), then follow the signs for Tarquinia, near Coop Market.
From Grosseto:
S.S. Aurelia (Rome direction), exit at Tarquinia, near Coop Supermarket.
Where we are:
-  500 meters away from Tarquinia train station
-  12 km away from Civitavecchia harbour
-  300 meters away from Top 16 shopping centre
-  50 meters away from bus stop
-  100 meters away from Toscana bank
-  50 meters away from Coop supermarket
-  1km away from the Etruscan Necropolis
-  42 km away from Viterbo
-  23 km away from Montalto di Castro
-  24km away from Tuscania
-  3 km away from Marina Velca and Spinicci